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Public on-line SWERC'2006 contest

Welcome to the page of the public on-line SWERC'2006 contest. You are invited to participate!

The public on-line contest starts at Nov. 19, 09:00 UTC and ends at Nov. 19, 14:00 UTC. It runs in parallel with the official SWERC'2006 contest and the programming problems to solve are the same.

As it progresses, the public on-line contest will be constantly updated with the data of the official contest (which runs privately).

The contest already ended!
Results: ranking, submissions, statistics, evolution.
Problem set: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I.

Entry points of the public on-line contest

The following links will become active at Nov. 19, 08:00 UTC.
This contest uses Mooshak, the web-based system for managing programming contests with automatic judging.