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Ordering Portuguese music from Portugal. (1995) [I trashed the
original email message so I could not reply].

I don't believe there are any Portuguese mail order company that will sell CD's abroad. However I managed to find a good record shop that would not refuse a mail order if it arrives. They have no catalog. However if it is Portuguese music you are looking for and if it is in print then you will find it there. You may want to try and get advice on Portuguese music on the newsgroup "soc.culture.portuguese". Note that CD's prices are high here, up to 4000 escudos each. Some can also be as low as 2000 escudos (for instance the Jose Afonso's CD's). [1USD = 150 escudos (1995)]. Probably they understand English in the shop. However, just in case, I prepared a very simple bilingual order form that you may want to use. ************************************************************************ IMPORTANT NOTE: I am only trying to be helpful here. I have no connection with the shop and I do not accept to be held responsible for any bad situation that might arise from this information. You have been warned! ************************************************************************
Your Name Your Address Your Country Discoteca Roma (Phone: +351-1-8492370; Fax: +351-1-8480860) Av. Roma, 20 Lisboa Portugal Gostaria de encomendar os seguintes CD's, caso estejam correntemente disponiveis. [I would like to order the following CD's, if they are currently available.] --(CD title)-- --(CD title)-- --(CD title)-- Por favor enviem-nos por [Shipping]: Correio normal [Surface] _ Via Aerea [Airmail] _ Gostaria de pagar os CD's e as despesas de envio usando o meu cartao: [Please charge my credit card (for the CD's and for the shipping and handling costs):] VISA _ MasterCard _ Cartao [Card N.] _________________ Validade [Good Thru] _________________ Valor de seguranca: O total a pagar deve ser inferior a ______ escudos para o conjunto de todos os CD's. Caso contrario esta encomenda fica cancelada. [Security amount: Total amount to be charged should be below ______ escudos for all the CD's. Otherwise this order is canceled.] --Miguel | Artur Miguel Dias | | amd@di.fct.unl.pt http://www-ctp.di.fct.unl.pt/~amd | | Dep.Informatica/FCT/UNL, 2825 Monte de Caparica, Portugal |