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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 1994 16:04:55 -0100
To: "Myron Bennett" 
From: amd@isolde.fct.unl.pt (Artur Miguel Dias)
Subject: Re: Fado-jazz hybrid question
>I was given your name and email address by Carlos J.C. Teixeira,
>in a response to a question I posted in Usenet's rec.music.bluenote.
>The question stated that when there was some discussion a couple of
>months ago about a hybrid of Fado and jazz, I was somewhat interested,
>but not enough to keep the information.
>Now I find myself very interested, and I asked if anyone who had saved
>the discussion to send it to me. Mr. Teixeira suggested that you would
>be a source. If you are, I would be very grateful if you could send me
>Myron Bennett

The only Fado/Jazz hybrid I'm aware of is Ra~o Kyao, "Fado Bailado", Polygram/Vertigo 810457-2 This record is about 10 years old. I'm not very found of Fado so I don't know what the most representative pure Fado recordings are. However I know that "Ama'lia Rodrigues" and "Carlos do Carmo" are two highly regarded Fado-singers. Besides Fado there are *lots* of styles and sub-styles of Portuguese traditional music. I'm a layman in this matters but as far as I know, some of the major styles are: +Tra's-os-Montes music (from the North of Portugal) - Music with a strong Celtic flavor, played with bag-pipes and big drums. As a mater of fact some of the oldest ancestors of the Portuguese people were the Celts (more than 1,000 years ago, I think). [In Scotland during the 70's, "Ken Hyder" was the leader of a very interesting "Celtic music/free jazz" fusion group named "Talisker". I heard their record "Land of Stone"-1977 a long time ago and I was strongly impressed with it] +Chorales from the Alentejo (South) - Large all-men ensembles, singing a-cappella and in unison, slooooooooow paced melodies. +Folk music/dance - Lots of traditional instruments are used and singing. Some Portuguese jazz musicians, include some traditional elements in their music, e.g. the singer Maria Joa~o. Some data about Portuguese Jazz: *** Some good Portuguese jazz musicians that I can remember (around 10%): Carlos Zi'ngaro violin Ma'rio Laginha piano Saheb Sarbib bass (lives in USA-NYC) Laurent Filipe trumpet Andre' Sarbib piano Na'na' Sousa Dias ten-sax Maria Joa~o voice Carlos Martins ten-sax Bernardo Sassetti piano Se'rgio Pela'gio guitar Moreiras Jazztet Quarteto de Saxofones do Porto sax-quartet Take Five vocal-group Laurent Filipe trumpet António Ferro elect-bass Jose' Eduardo bass, orch leader Carlos Barreto bass Tom'as Pimentel trumpet Edgar Caramelo bar-sax Anto'nio Pinho Vargas piano Bernardo Moreira ten-sax Pedro Moreira piano ***Some Portuguese Jazz records (around 30%): (I own only the first two) Saheb Sarbib Quartet, Seasons, 1982, Soul Note 121048, DownBeat*** (with Mel Ellison, Mark Whitecage e Paul Motian) Saheb Sarbib, leader of the "Multinational Big Band" of New York Carlos Zi'ngaro (in Kent Carter String Trio), "The Willisau Suites", ITMPacific, 1984 Carlos Zi'ngaro & Richard Teitelbaum, "The Sea Between", Vict, DownBeat*** Maria Joao & Aki Takase, "Looking For Love", Enja, 1988 (Live: Leverkusen Jazz Festial) Maria Joao & Aki Takase & Neils H.O.Pederson, "Alice", Enja, 1990 (Live: Jazz Ost-West Festival Nurnberg) Maria Joao & Cal Viva, "Sol", Enja, 1991 Maria Joao, "Cem Caminhos", Moviplay Portuguesa, 1991 Laurent Filipe (featuring Aldo Romano), "Laura", ?, ? Laurent Filipe, "Divertimento", ?, ? Toma's Pimentel Septeto, "Descolagem", Tutu, 1994 {ECM style} Ma'rio Laginha, "Hoje", Farol, 1994 Carlos Barreto, "Impressões", Groove, 1994 {pure neo-bop record} Carlos Paredes & Charlie Haden, "Dialoges", Polygram Jazz, 1990, DownBeat*** Also available as a Electra/Nonesuch release {Carlos Paredes is a veteran guitarist [Portuguese guitar]}. Carlos Paredes, "Guitarra Portuguesa", Electra/Nonesuch, DownBeat**** {Probably not a Jazz record} Kinteto de António Ferro, "Crepusculo do Vinho", Nume'rica, ? Ra~o Kyao, "Fado Bailado", Polygram/Vertigo 810457-2, ? {fado/jazz fusion} Anto'nio Pinho Vargas, ...several records... {all ECM style} (These were added at a later time: 1996) Orquestra de Jazz do Hot, Philips 522821 2, 1994 Joa~o Paulo, "Serra sem fim", Farol 005/95 Maria Anadon e Unpredictable Nature, Groove GR109,1995 Nana~ Sousa Dias, "Tom Maior", Groove, GR108, 1995 --Miguel Artur Miguel A.V.Dias (amd@di.fct.unl.pt) Dep.Informatica/FCT/UNL, Quinta da Torre, 2825 Monte de Caparica, Portugal