Lab classes
Lab class 1 Create your web site for the discipline, which should include:

  • Title

  • List of group members (including name, student nº and photo)

  • Lab class

  • Description of the project with links to reports and project materials

Assignment 1: Good and bad design

  • Report 3 examples of bad user interface design and 3 examples of good interface design

    • Deadline: 9/10 and 11/10

    • Presentation: to be announced

Assignment 2: Paper analysis (deadline 9/10/2017) Gould, J. D., Boies, S. J., Levy, S., Richards, J.T. e Schoonard, J., The 1984 Olympic Message System: A Test of Behavioral Principles of System Design, Communications of ACM, v.30 n.9, 1987.

Final project


Report cover page template

Phase 1

    • deadline: discussion (in class) 18/9 and 20/9;

    • deadline (paper prototype): 22/10

Testing day: October 23 and 25 (mandatory class)

Phase 2