The Winner: !!! Cauchy - Universidad Complutense de Madrid !!!

Final results: ranking, submissions, statistics, evolution.

(Ranking at the start of the blackout period, that is one hour before the end of the contest: here.)

The official contest

The official contest starts on Nov. 18, 09:00 UTC and ends on Nov. 18, 14:00 UTC. This is a privately run contest.

The final hour of the contest will be subject to a blackout, to create suspense for the Awards Session. The true results will be available at this page at around Nov. 18, 18:00 UTC.

[To get your submissions in the practice session, login here using your password in the official contest.]

The public on-line contest

The public on-line contest runs in parallel with the official SWERC'2007 contest. You are invited to participate!

The public on-line contest starts on Nov. 18, 09:05 UTC and ends on Nov. 18, 14:05 UTC. While in progress, it will be constantly updated with the data of the official contest, except during the blackout period. The blackout does not affect the public contestants.

Problem set

This contest uses Mooshak, the web-based system for managing programming contests with automatic judging.