Departamento de Informática
Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Quinta da Torre, 2829 -516 Caparica

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Associate Professor at DI / FCT / UNL.
Researcher at NOVA-LINCS (Laboratory for Informatics and Computer Science).


PhD in Computer Science (2008), Imperial College London.
MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering (2002), Instituto Superior Técnico.
Eng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1998), Instituto Superior Técnico.


My research interests concern the different aspects of Web and multimedia search and data mining: exploratory search and recommendation systems, machine learning methods, multimedia information extraction,  high-dimensional indexing, temporal ranking algorithms.


If you are interested in doing research in data mining and search just send me an email. We have some ongoing data mining projects in domains of Social-Media and Medical Decision Support Systems. We may have some open positions.

Have a look at our ongoing research projects, past student projects' page and demonstrators. I'm available to discuss ideas in the socpe of ongoing projects.


Office hours: Thursdays 17h00 - 19h00


Web Mining and Search (Computer Science PhD)

Web Search (Computer Science MSc)

Information Retrieval (Computer Science MSc and Big Data Analysis and Engineering MSc)


My list of publications is here.


João Magalhães holds a Ph.D. degree (2008) in Computer Science from Imperial College London, UK and both a M.Sc. (2002) and Engineering degree (1998) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal.  He is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He started his career as a Software Engineer at Siemens R&D (1997-2003) and lecturer at Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa.

His research interests cover the different problems of multimodal data mining and search: semantic information extraction, temporal information models, recommendation systems, machine learning and high-dimensional indexing.

He has supervised several successful MSc and PhD thesis. He has coordinated and participated in a number of international research projects funded by CMU|Portugal, UTAustin|Portugal, H2020-ICT and national FCT.

Dr. Magalhães received the ACM International Conference in Image and Video Retrieval 2007 Best Paper Award, the Portuguese national engineering association Young Engineer Award in 2002, and the Siemens Innovation and Communications Award in 2002.