This web page in under transition, and contains outdated info. I recently moved (as of July 1st 2023) to Tecnico ULisboa

Luís Caires

Professor of Computer Science ("Professor Catedrático") Departamento de Informática
Founding Director of NOVA LINCS Laboratory for Computer Science and Informatics (2015-present)
General Coordinator of FCT NOVA Research Units (2019-present)
Elected Member of FCT NOVA Faculty Council (2021-present)
Supervisor Board Member of VORTEX Colab (2019-present)
Scientific Diretor of Carnegie-Mellon Portugal Program (2008-present)
Member of the FCT NOVA Scientific Council (2009-2020).
Head of Department of Computer Science (2011-2019).
Informatics PhD Program first coordinator (2009-2011).
Informatics BSc Program (Bologna) first coordinator (2006-2009).
Director of CITI Center for Informatics and Information Technology (2007-2015).
Principal Investigator of Software Systems Group, Plastic Team.
Member of IFIP TC-2 WG 2.2 Formal Description of Programming Concepts (Est. 1964).

Profiles: DBLP, Google Scholar, Scopus.

E-mail :
Room : P2/13 (Departmento de Informatica, FCT NOVA)
Phone : Office - (+351) 21 294 85 36, Ext. 10719; Fax - (+351) 21 294 85 41)

Note: The End of Programming? Not Really! Programming requires General AI

Nullius in verba ("take nobody's word for it") motto of the Royal Society

"The European synonym for computer science - informatics - more clearly suggests the field is about information processes, not computers" - Peter Denning

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Alan Kay.

A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense. Never for attack. Yoda's safety spec.

You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you might find You get what you need. Jagger-Richards liveness spec.

Research themes:
  • Software Construction, Environments and Tools;
  • Programming Languages, Calculi, Logics and Types;
  • Concurrency, Distribution, Mobility, Security;
  • Cloud and Service based computing software;

Publications: Articles, Papers, Reports, ...


Typeful Concurrent Programming with CLASS

CIFLOW : Java Information Flow

Java Concurrency Contracts for Verifast

DIFT : Dependent Information Flow TypeChecker

Deaf Parrot : Rely-Guarantee Protocols

A Spatial Logic Model Checker v2.01

We are looking forward to discuss projects appropriate for BSc, MSc and PhD work, in the context of ongoing or prospective research activities, related to software foundations and technology, with a focus on the topics listed on the left.

Drop me an email if you are interested to know more about it.

Science Community Activities:

ESOP (SC Chair, since 2022)
CALCO'21 (PC Member)
ESOP'19 (PC Chair)
FORTE'18 (PC co-Chair)
FoSSaCS'18 (PC Member)
ECSS'17 (Organizing co-Chair)
Radical'17 (Invited Speaker)
CONCUR'17 (PC Member)
OPCT'17 Vienna (Invited Speaker)
Dagstuhl TABT'17 (Invited Speaker)
Betty'16 Summer School (Lecturer)
Linearity'16 (PC Member)
CONCUR'16 (PC Member)
CSL'16 (PC Member)
TGC'15 (PC Member)
MFCS'15 (PC Member)
FCT'15 (PC Member)
ESOP'15 (PC Member)
FoSSaCS'15 (PC Member)
ICALP'15 (PC Member)
Luca Cardelli Fest'14 (Speaker)
CONCUR'14 (PC Member)
OPCT'14 Bertinoro (Invited Speaker)
Coordination'14 (PC Member)
ESOP'14 (PC Member)
TGC'13 (PC Member)
CONCUR'12 (PC Member)
INFORUM'11 (PC co-Chair)
SOFT-PT'11 (PC Member)
TASE'11 (PC Member)
ICE'11 (PC Member)
CONCUR'10 (PC Member)
FACS'10 (Invited Speaker)
SOFT-PT'10 (PC Chair)
PSPL'10 (PC Member)
Choco Meeting'10 (Invited Speaker)
CONCUR'09 (PC Member)
FoSSaCS'09 (PC Member)
OOPS'08 (PC Member)
TGC'07 (PC Member)
EXPRESS'07 (PC Member)
CONCUR'07 (PC co-Chair)
CALCO'07 (Invited Speaker)
LIX Colloquium in Concurrency Theory 06 (Invited Speaker)
GLOBAN'06 Summer School (Lecturer)
FMCO'05 (Invited Speaker)
CONCUR'05 (PC Member)
ICALP'05 (Organizing co-chair)
TGC'05 (Invited Speaker)
FoSSaCS'05 (PC Member)
WADT'04 (Invited Speaker)
LRPP'04 (PC Member)
MFPS XVIII (2003) (Invited Speaker)


Tardis (TaRDIS, 101093006 2022-2025)
CLAY (PTDC/EEI-CTP/4293/2014 - 2016-2019)
Reversible Computation (EU CA2015-2020)
BETTY (EU CA2012-2015)
INTERFACES (Carnegie-Mellon|Portugal NGN 44 - 2009-2012)
StreamLine (PTDC/EIA-CCO/104583/2008 - 2010-2012)
Assertion Types (PTDC/EIA-CCO/105359/2008 - 2010-2012)
IP Sensoria (EU IST FP6 - 2005-2010)
SpaceTimeTypes (POSI/EIA/55582/2004-2008)
ComponentGlue (Microsoft Research Grant 2002-73)
SecureSpace (GRICES/MCTES/CNRS 2007-2008)
FAST (POSI 32717/2000)
DataBricks (POSI 33924/2000)
POLY (POSI 34398/2000)
FET Profundis (FET IST 2001-33310)
APPSEM II IST Working Group on Applied Semantic

Selected Lecture Notes

Interpreters and Compilers 2021 (381 slides)
Theory of Computation 2014 (70 pages)

Digressions (for fun ...)

My Computer Science Genealogy and beyond ...

Cast of Spatial Logicians

(#4): Caires::Cardelli::Scedrov::Blass::Erdös
(#4): Caires::Pfenning::Statman::Saks::Erdös

Graduate students:

Concluded PhD
Pedro Rocha (2022, UNL PhD)
Thesis: CLASS: A Logical Foundation For Typeful Programming With Shared State
Luísa Lourenço (2016, UNL PhD)
Thesis: Dependent Information Flow Types
Filipe Militão (UNL + CMU PhD, 2015)
Thesis: Rely-Guarantee Protocols for Safe Interference over Shared Memory
Bernardo Toninho (UNL + CMU PhD, 2015)
Thesis: A Logical Foundation for Session-based Concurrent Computation
Hugo Vieira (2010, UNL PhD)
Thesis: A Calculus for Modeling and Analysing Conversations in Service Oriented Computing
João Seco (2006, UNL PhD)
Thesis: Languages and Types for Component-Based Programming
Etienne Lozes (with Daniel Hirschkoff) (2004, ENS Lyon + UNL PhD)
Thesis: Expressiveness of Spatial Logics


Atendimento aos alunos: quartas-feiras; 9:00 - 11:00.