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(In all the listed email addresses "[at]" replaces "@", to prevent spam.)

General Chair
Stephen Mellor, USA
email: stephen_mellor[at]mentor.com
Accelerated Technology, Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics


Program Co-Chairs
Thomas Baar, Alfred Strohmeier, Switzerland
email: thomas.baar[at]epfl.ch
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Conference Chair
Ana Moreira, Portugal
email: amm[at]di.fct.unl.pt
Department of Informatics
New University of Lisbon


Industry Track Chair
Bran Selic, Canada
email: bselic[at]ca.ibm.com
IBM Rational Software, Canada
Workshop Chair
Ambrosio Toval, Spain
email: atoval[at]um.es
Department of Informatics and Systems
University of Murcia

Tutorials Chair
Ezra Mugisa, Jamaica
email: ezra.mugisa[at]uwimona.edu.jm
Mathematics & Computer Science Department
The University of the West Indies at Mona, Jamaica


Poster Chair
Nuno Jardim Nunes, Portugal
email: njn[at]uma.pt
Mathematics and Engineering Department
University of Madeira


Panel Chair
Jon Whittle, USA
email: jonathw[at]email.arc.nasa.gov
QSS Group Inc
NASA Ames Research Center

Tools Exhibition Chair
Alberto Silva, Portugal
email: alberto.silva[at]acm.org
Department of Informatics Engineering
Technical University of Lisbon


Local Sponsors Chair
Fernando Brito e Abreu, Portugal
email: fba[at]di.fct.unl.pt
Department of Informatics
New University of Lisbon


Web Chair
Miguel Goulão
email: miguel.goulao[at]di.fct.unl.pt
Department of Informatics
New University of Lisbon


Local Arrangements Chair
Isabel Sofia Brito
Politécnico de Beja

Publicity Chairs
João Araújo
email: ja[at]di.fct.unl.pt
Department of Informatics
New University of Lisbon


Geri Georg, USA
email: georg[at]CS.ColoState.EDU
Computer Science Department
Colorado State University


Programme Committee

Mehmet Aksit (The Netherlands)
Colin Atkinson (Germany)
Jean Bezivin (France)
Ruth Breu (Germany)
David Bustard (UK)
Betty Cheng (USA)
John Daniels (UK)
Gregor Engels (Germany)
Robert France (USA)
Martin Gogolla (Germany)
Constance Heitmeyer (USA)
Heinrich Hussmann (Germany)
Stuart Kent (UK)
Haim Kilov (USA)
Tim Lethbridge (Canada)
Hiroshi Miyazaki (Japan)
Ileana Ober (France)
Ernesto Pimentel Sanchez (Spain)
Laurent Rioux (France)
Peter H. Schmitt (Germany)
Bran Selic (Canada)
Keng Siau (USA)
Alain Wegmann (Switzerland)

Omar Aldawud (USA)
Doo-Hwan Bae (Korea)
Marko Boger (Germany)
Jean-Michel Bruel (France)
Alessandra Cavarra (UK)
Siobhan Clarke (Ireland)
Stephane Ducasse (Switzerland)
Andy Evans (UK)
Sebastien Gerard (France)
Jeff Gray (USA)
Brian Henderson-Sellers (Australia)
Pankaj Jalote (India)
Joerg Kienzle (Canada)
Philippe Kruchten (Canada)
Richard Mitchell (USA)
Pierre-Alain Muller (France)
Gunnar Overgaard (Sweden)
Gianna Reggio (Italy)
Bernhard Rumpe (Germany)
Andy Schuerr (Germany)
R.K. Shyamasundar (India)
Jos Warmer (Netherlands)
Jon Whittle (USA)
Steering Committee
Jean Bezivin, France
Andy Evans, UK
Martin Gogolla , Germany
Heinrich Hussmann, Germany
Stuart Kent, UK
Kathy Krell, USA
Ana Moreira, Portugal
Bran Selic, Canada
Alfred Strohmeier, Switzerland
Alex Wolf, USA
Stephen Cook, UK
Robert France, USA
Mary-Jean Harrold, USA
Jean-Marc Jézéquel(Chair), France
Cris Kobryn, USA
Stephen Mellor, USA
Pierre-Alain Muller, France
Bernhard Rumpe, Germany
Perdita Stevens, UK
Jon Whittle, USA




Last Update: September 16, 2004