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Call for Tool Exhibitors

Seventh International Conference on UML
Modeling Languages and Applications

<<UML>> 2004

October 10-15, 2004


The UML Conference is the international forum for UML research and technical communities. It has been the premier venue for exchange of innovative ideas and experiences related to the UML.

UML'2004 will occur in Lisbon, Portugal, on Oct. 13-15, 2004, and will include a Tools Exhibition Session. Vendors of commercial tools related to UML are welcomed and invited to participate in the exhibition to be held along with the technical sessions at the Belém Cultural Center.


The goal of the tool exhibitors session is to let conference participants to view UML and MDA related tools in action and to discuss these systems with their creators or distributors. Each exhibitor can present more than one tool in the same area.

Proposal Submission

A proposal to be sent by a prospective exhibitor must include:

  • Exhibitors name
  • Exhibitors web site
  • Tool(s) name
  • Name of contact person
  • Address of contact person: (mailing address, e-mail, fax, and phone)
  • - Technical description for each of the tools to be presented. These technical descriptions should include, among other information: the tool objectives and features; adopted/supported technology; fields of practical application and demonstration examples to be presented. Each technical description should be 2 to 4 pages long, using the Springer LNCS style (http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs /authors.html)

Proposals should be sent to Alberto Silva (alberto.silva[at]acm.org - in this email address, "[at]" replaces "@" to prevent spam), UML'2004 Tools Exhibition Chair, in Adobe PDF format.


Tool exhibitors will also have a permanent space for making dedicated demos to interested participants during the three days at all times. This permanent space will be situated in a shared room will other exhibitors and will include support for displaying posters and other publicity materials, electricity, table and chairs.

Tool demonstrators should provide the computing equipment required for the presentations. Marketing materials such as CDROMs or DVDs with demo-versions of the tools and or technical leaflets may be distributed to all conference participants upon check-in at the registration desk.

Important Dates

  • Submissions: 2 July, 2004
  • Exhibitors notification: 16 July, 2004
  • Delivery of marketing materials: 4 October, 2004

Exhibitor Fees

1500 euros (besides the above mentioned facilities, this fee includes coffee breaks, lunches, welcome reception, and access to the conference technical sessions for two persons, but does not include the conference proceedings).

Payment instructions will be forwarded to accepted exhibitors.

For further information, contact the Tools Exhibition Chair

Alberto Silva, Portugal
email: alberto.silva[at]acm.org ("[at]" replaces "@", to prevent spam)
Department of Informatics Engineering
Technical University of Lisbon



Last Update: September 16, 2004